A leader in report writing software for health professionals

Our Story

WARP: in science fiction, space and time warps are used for rapid journeys around the galaxy, or for travel through time. They're amazing, exciting. We're also taking our clients to a better place.

WARP was launched in 2005 to provide innovative reporting software for doctors. Ten years on we added major government contracts for medical assessments and recruitment reports for the armed forces. Today our superb reputation extends across the medico-legal, recruitment and insurance sectors for top public and private clients.

Since 2016 WARP has been owned by Dr Harry Brünjes, physician and founder of the Premier Medical Group, and Chairman of the English National Opera. As a former GP, entrepreneur and master communicator, he is uniquely positioned to spearhead WARP to further success.

Our Ethos

"Team" is hugely important at WARP - solving problems together, talking over options and sharing expertise. It's a very supportive environment where honesty and openness are rewarded, and we're happy to work hard to do a stellar job for our customers. Great staff retention means we are a united, stable unit. We excel with challenging projects, not just because we invest heavily in training but because we have a secret formula: we like to employ musicians. The complex thinking, repetition and discipline that come from learning music turn out to be perfect for an ambitious software house.

Our Mission Statement

To produce clean quality solutions & innovate within our client base.

  • Delivery quality over profit
  • Build relationships over sales
  • Prefer honesty over ego
  • Customer care over individual satisfaction
  • Team recognition over Rock Stars