Warp Admin

WARP Admin makes admin easy for doctors and solicitors handling personal injury claims. You can slash administration time, save at least three weeks over conventional reporting and settle claims faster.

Doctors: appointment letters are produced automatically, agencies notified by email and invoices created and tracked.

Solicitors: reports comply with latest MoJ specification, can be integrated with the PICAS system to settle claims in half the time, and can help you value claims by providing a suggested damages figure.

In Action

Back in 2005, medico-legal reports were completed by hand, making consistently and compliance difficult. This increased the amount of work for both medical experts and all parties involved in a claim. WARP MLR Creator handles more than 20,000 medico-legal reports per month over a panel of over 600 medical experts. It allows experts to complete 30% more medical assessments every hour and ensures consistency of medico-legal reports delivered to court.