If you need to track the information and activities around a person, such as a potential candidate for a job, or an object, such as a grant or a building, xRM is for you.

We like to think of xRM as “Extended” Relationship Management or "Everything" Relationship Management. It’s not just about sales and marketing, but applications that manage and track information and processes around any real-world object, human or otherwise.

The starting point is Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a platform that can be extended to meet any business requirements. When we’re building an xRM application we can customise existing Microsoft Dynamics applications, or design completely new line-of-business applications. In either case we’ll create a solution that exactly meets your needs.

In Action

"During the delivery of a large-scale and complicated Dynamics CRM project, I found WARP to be engaging, unafraid to get hands on, understanding and thoughtful.  At times when we needed a little give and take, they were always honest in the conversation and ensured a positive outcome for us."
- Customer Programme Director